Access Remote PC

Remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world

Transfer files, run programs, access network resources


This is an incredibly simple and straightforward program to use.Excellent work.


Small, Reliable, Friendly and easy to use

Awesome program, all the power unleashed to connect 2 PCs from a continent to another in less than 1 Mb at high speed. Cheap, small and powerful. This how the programs should be.


Awesome software!

I tried out the Free versions once, and I was hooked. I just got Remote PC Access Ultimate Edition Client for $299, which I must say is the best deal ever. You get a server from each any number of clients (Free) can connect to, and a client that can connect to any number of servers (Free). The EVAL part of the Free software is negated when using Ultimate Edition, it just becomes a one-connection product that is fully-functional and with no nag screens. First of all, the stability is excellent--connections are fast--and best of all, it works exceedingly well! Great value for your money. As a presenter, I use the Remote PC Access Server side of my Client Ultimate Edition, and install Free clients on each computer that will be watching my presentation. They can watch full-screen, unable to control due to privilege restrictions, as I do my presentation. It is a truly awesome product.


Fantastic product

I also want to express my satisfaction with your product. In the few short weeks that it has been in operation, it has dramatically improved response and resolution to user issues - so long as the client pc isn't totally crippled, your software allows a connection (very fast also).

Jim Olson

Nice and Simple

Installed and run smoothly on my 2000 and XP machines, both English and Chinese versions.

Ronald Man


I've been very happy with the performance of the application and the way its been able to allow me to address problems from my desk while still working with other issues instead of having to go to each location and work only on it.

Ricky Omokaro

Useful tool

Remote PC ACCESS has been one of my best purchases for my company. We no longer have to send someone to the user's workstation for non-network related problems, we simply tell them not to touch the mouse or keyboard and let them watch us solve their problem for them. We are also planning to use it for our training classroom.


Good product

I am very impressed with the simplicity and ease of installation and set-up. RPC Access has saved me so much time. I work in an office with about 35 computers and have the RPC Access installed on the 25 furthest from my desk (with some being more than a football field away).


Amazing given the small file size

I don't know how these guys do it with code that is less than 1 MB when all the competitors have files that are many megabytes in size. Work great, installation couldn't be easier. One minor "bug" I found is that the trial version appears to count down more than once per session. You get 30 uses, but I've experienced a few sessions where I get 2 to 3 nag screens pop up, and each time, it decrements the total number of trials I have left. The session did not terminate or reset.

Deep Cover

Best out there

Usually I never comment software programs, but this time I have to do an exception. Because I HAD NEVER USED SUCH GOOD, SIMPLE, WELL DESIGNED PROGRAM LIKE REMOTE PC ACCESS. I tried out and used PCanywhere, Remote Administrator, Timbuktu, and so on, to find the best one, and each one has different characteristics. Trying out RPC, I found that it is far the best (most efficient, stable (!), and very well constructed program) I had ever tried to remote some computer. It has so many useful functions, that it wins all the awards front of any other program, really.


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