Access Remote PC

Remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world

Transfer files, run programs, access network resources

Instructions to:
  1. To Add Or Sign Up For RPC Numbers

  2. Change Your Payment Method or Cancel Your RPC subscription.

    For security reasons and your protection, we outsource all of our financial processing (including credit cards) to a professional processing company. Here is the information you need to cancel.

    When you signed up for the 30-day free trial, you created a User Name and Password with You then received an email from containing your RPC Number and instructions.

    It also contained a reminder, at the bottom of the email, of the User Name and User Password you personally created with

    Please refer to the email you received if you need a reminder of the user name and password you created. You can also search your emails using the RPC number to find it.

    Then go to Plimus Customer Log In. Follow the steps to manage your account.

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