Access Remote PC

Remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world

Transfer files, run programs, access network resources

If you provide computer support, you can log into your customer's computers from anywhere in the world and fix their problems remotely! Your customers don't have to install software, purchase licenses, or learn complex procedures.

Your customer clicks this link or runs the program directly from disk, pastes access code supplied by you, and clicks Go. Then you will see their desktop. Help desk operator should use standard ARPC Client software included in the ARPC Setup package or available as a standalone download. Helpdesk software that your customer sees is pictured below.

You can download and try the Helpdesk software for free on your LAN or over the Internet via IP address. If you want to try firewall piercing or dynamic IP resolving capability, request a free trial RPC Helpdesk number.

The licensing plans listed below include firewall piercing and dynamic IP resolving which are needed for most help desk applications. If you do not need these capabilities, you can buy the Ultimate client license ($399 lifetime fee) or any of the server licensing plans.

Higher volume help desk users may also choose the Helpdesk Proxy Server software that will let you run the firewall piercing and dynamic IP resolving middleware on your own Internet servers.

See also Helpdesk documentation.

Limited-Time Price Offer.

20 sessions Get 20 support sessions* to use within a year $49.95 Buy Now
100 sessions Get 100 support sessions* $199 Buy Now
(you save $51)
Unlimited Monthly Unlimited use (monthly subscription) $69.95 monthly Subscribe Now
Unlimited Annual Unlimited use (1 year prepaid) $695 Buy Now
(you save $144)

* Support session is defined as any number of connections of any duration to same computer within 12 hours since initial connection.
A single support session allows you to service a single customer during a day.

For example, you have connected to computer A on Monday at 10:00 and disconnected at 10:15. You have consumed 1 session. Later that day, you have connected to computer B at 13:10 and disconnected at 13:40. You have consumed another session. By this time, you have consumed 2 sessions in total. Later that day you have connected to computer A at 15:25 and disconnected at 16:00. This will NOT be counted as another session because it is still within 12 hour period since the initial connection to computer A at 10:00.
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