Access Remote PC

Remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world

Transfer files, run programs, access network resources

RPC Subscription Service is the most reliable way to connect to another computer over the Internet. It takes care of firewalls, routers, dynamic IP addresses, and anything else which might prevent you from establishing a connection between computers connected to the Internet.

How it works: We provide you with an RPC Number that uniquely identifies your host computer on the Internet. You should enter the RPC Number and its password at the host (server) computer on the "Internet (RPC)" page of the Remote PC Server window. After that the host computer will be accessible by the RPC Number. When you want to connect to the host computer you just enter the RPC Number on the client and press Connect. It's that easy!

Security: All security protections described in the Security section of the documentation apply to RPC Service as well. Security-wise, there is no difference between providing a direct IP access to your computer (firewalled or not) and using our RPC Service. Rather, RPC Service is slightly more secure because it adds an extra passive security layer to the program.

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