Access Remote PC

Remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world

Transfer files, run programs, access network resources

If you provide computer support, you can log into your customer's computers from anywhere in the world and fix their problems remotely! Your customers don't have to install software, purchase licenses, or learn complex procedures.

This functionality is packaged as a small standalone utility Helpdesk.exe. It is a single executable file that does not require installation. The utility can be downloaded for free from our Web site. You should send this utility to a remote user (or the remote user can launch this utility from disk if it was saved to disk earlier) along with an access code that you generate using your standard Access Remote PC client software.

When run, Helpdesk.exe displays a small window with a text box and the Go button. The remote user should paste the access code into the text box and press the button. If successful, you will see the remote user's desktop in your Remote PC Client software.

Version 4.8 and above let you send the remote user a single-button version of the Helpdesk.exe with the access code built into the program. With a single-button version, the user just needs to press the button without entering the access code. The access code is not shown to the user.

In both ways, this procedure is extremely easy and simple for the remote user. However, this requires some configuration on the Remote PC Client (operator's) side which is described in the following topics.

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