Access Remote PC

Remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world

Transfer files, run programs, access network resources

File transfer lets you copy files between your local and remote computers in both directions. It also lets you copy files between folders on a remote computer without downloading the files to local computer. Just after authorizing, you can choose between remote screen view window or file transfer window. While working on the remote computer, you can always switch between these windows using a button on the toolbar or via the View menu. File transfer window has two panes: by default, the left one shows local files, the right one shows files on the remote computer. You can drag and drop files between panes with the mouse or use keyboard to manipulate files. The following table lists keys and their associated commands:

Key Command
Tab Switch between panes.
Alt-F1 Select drive for the left pane.
Alt-F2 Select drive for the right pane.
F2 Rename selected file or folder. No action if multiple files are selected.
F3 View file.
F4 Edit file in notepad (edit and upload for remote files).
F5 Copy selected files to the opposite pane
F6 Move selected files to the opposite pane. Works similar to F5 but deletes the source file when copying is finished.
F7 Create folder in the active pane (the one with the blue selection in it).
Ctrl-A Select all files in the active pane.
Ctrl-R Refresh the active pane.
Ctrl-D Show used size, free size, and total size of the current disk in the active pane
Ctrl-S Toggle active panel between local and remote view
Backspace or Ctrl-Page Up Return to parent folder.
Delete Delete selected files.
Alt-Enter Show properties of the selected files.
Space Calculate size of the selected folder.
Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Ins Copy selected files to internal clipboard.
Ctrl-V or Shift-Ins Paste files from internal clipboard to the active pane.
Ctrl-H Synchronize directories (left and right panes). Available in v4.8 and above.
Ctrl-Left Arrow Move backward in history in the active pane. Available in v4.9 and above.
Ctrl-Right Arrow Move forward in history in the active pabe. Available in v4.9 and above.
Ctrl-Down Arrow Show history for the active pane. Available in v4.9 and above.

Tip: You can copy and move files between folders on the remote computer using cut and paste keyboard shortcuts. All file operations on the remote computer are performed without downloading the files to local computer.

When transferring files between local and remote computers, the program automatically compresses files on the fly to achieve faster transfer rates.

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